Many modern textbooks in Nepal make the following statement: “According to the theory of special creation, all species of plants and animals were created in the beginning in the forms that they have now. A creator, God, is involved in this theory. Today, this view is not accepted…”


Sadly, this statement and many like it are not true. Is it wise to include statements in textbooks that are totally not true? This is not true education, rather it is mind control, which we strongly reject.

From the very beginning of scientific research and study, there have been many, many prominent scientists who have believed that the best explanation as to the origin of life, the complicated facts of design found even in the simplest cell, and the order in nature can only be explained by the existence of a creator God. Today, among modern scientists, there are literally thousands throughout the world who believe that the world and all within it were created by God. These scientists reject evolution and state emphatically that there is not enough proof for evolution to seriously consider it as an explanation to the existence of all matter, life, etc. Are you surprised by this statement? Please continue reading.

Have you ever heard of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)? MRI scanning is used widely to diagnose diseases and has been one of the most remarkable inventions in modern history. MRI was invented by Dr. Raymond Damadian. For inventing the MRI scanner, Dr. Damadian, a biophysicist, received the Lemelson-MIT Achievement Award, was awarded the National Medal of Technology, which is America’s highest award for applied science, and a year later he was admitted into the Inventors Hall of Fame. (Thomas Edison, Samuel Morse, and the Wright Brothers are also in the Hall of Fame.) This famous scientist believes that the world was created by God. Regarding evolution he says, “There simply is no evidence for evolution, therefore I totally reject the theory.” (Click here to watch Dr. Damadian’s video)

Dr. Damadian
Dr. Raymond Damadian
Dr. Damadian
Dr. Raymond Damadian and the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

Richard Lumsden, Ph.D., was Dean of the graduate school at Tulane University, USA. He was the winner of the highest scientific award for his studies in parasitology. He published hundreds of widely accepted scholarly papers from his studies. Dr. Lumsden was a staunch evolutionist UNTIL one day a student sat for hours with him and challenged his thinking in this area. From that conversation he began to re-think the evolutionary “facts” he had long believed and taught. Finally, he had to admit that there really were no facts supporting the theory of evolution and that the theory actually was in opposition to known scientific laws. In the end, he completely turned from his belief in evolution and totally accepted the fact that the universe and everything in it was created by God.

Wilder-Smith Ph.D. actually had not one but THREE Ph.D.’s, one in physical organic chemistry from Reading University, England, one in pharmacology from the University of Geneva, and one in pharmacological sciences from a university in Zurich Switzerland. He was a three-star general in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and an expert on chemotherapy, pharmacology, and organic chemistry, and biochemistry. He wrote many books and always held to the fact that everything was created by God and did not come about by evolution.

Most branches of modern science were founded by believers in the Bible’s account of creation. Following are a few samples:

  • Physics – Newton, Faraday, Maxwell, Kelvin, Joule
  • Chemistry – Boyle, Dalton, Ramsay
  • Biology – Ray, Linnaeus, Mendel, Pasteur, Virchow, Agassiz
  • Geology – Steno, Woodward, Brewster, Buckland, Curier
  • Astronomy – Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Herschel, Maunder
  • Mathematics – Pascal, Leibniz, Euler

Still, today, many scientists reject evolution. In fact, worldwide there are not hundreds, but THOUSANDS of scientists who believe that all living and non-living matter was created by God. Since research in DNA has surged forward, the number of scientists rejecting the Theory of Evolution is steadily growing. There is no scientific evidence that information can arise by chance, such as evolution claims. All honest scientific research refutes such a claim and more and more scientists are realizing that the claims made by evolution are simply not provable scientific laws and observations.

Textbooks in Nepal claim the following: “Fossils provide direct and the strongest evidence in support of the origin and evolution of living organisms.” This would be good if it were true, but the opposite is true. The fossil record provides absolutely no proof of evolution. There are no fossils which show the transitional stages which would be necessary for one species to evolve into another. None.

Textbooks further claim: “It has been estimated that about 200 vestigial organs are present in the human body… The ancestors must have been the same for human beings and others who have these vestigial organs.” However, modern scientists have discovered the following: “The number of organs that once were believed to be functional in the evolutionary past of human but are non-functional today has been steadily reduced as the fields of anatomy and physiology have progressed. Few examples of vestigial organs in humans are now offered, and the ones that are have been shown by more recent research to be completely functional (and in many cases critically so).” So this is no longer an argument in favor of evolution.

We do not have space to continue showing the misrepresentation in today’s textbooks, though there are many. Sadly, these things continue to be published, though long ago proven false. Let us be alert and not base our beliefs on untrue, and non-scientific teaching. We must be careful to hold to the truth and to follow it honestly.

Have you ever considered what you have been learning in your school, college or university? Have you ever examined whether it is true by the evidence we see around us? Many scientists who rejected atheism were holding firmly to it not because they knew that it was true but because they were taught so. Then they reconsidered what they believed and found the truth. We urge you to seek for the truth and not follow the crowd but follow the truth.

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